Introduction to Marketing

Dr. Abdallah Qasem Bataineh
Head of Department Message


Dear Colleagues
Dear students

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2015-2016 at Applied Science Private University (ASU) . We begin this semester with a lot of effort to meet the standards of the Accreditation Committees and the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Students will soon notice the improvement in our teaching process, starting from the curricula, teaching methods, and supporting services (e.g., advising, extracurricular activities, and job opportunities).
Department Establishment and Evolution:

The marketing department in Applied Science University is considering one of the leading departments among Jordanian universities. It was established with the inception of the university during 1991. Since its start, the department focus addressed the issue of providing the local market with sufficiently qualified and skilful work candidates in the marketing field.
Our graduates are highly esteemed and valued by a wide variety of local and Arab companies; this is proven by the many graduates occupying leading positions in many firms locally and across borders. In addition, a good number of local leading firms are tracking and recruiting our graduates each semester.

The department celebrated the graduation of its first regiment of graduates in 1994/1995, and until the summer semester 2014/2015, 2216 students have graduated since.

The department revises the study plan regularly in order to keep in alignment with any emergent changes and advancements in marketing practices. Critical changes have been made i.e. adding new modules such as e-marketing and its applications as well as marketing information systems. Moreover, some modules are now taught in English with sufficient attention paid to the practical side of many taught modules.

The Marketing Department is committed to contributing to the progress of the marketing science. This is manifested through specialized marketing training courses targeting students at universities and local communities as well as a wide range of seminars and symposiums conducted internally and externally.

The Department's Vision:

A focus on implementing information technology and its applications in the education process
Have a valuable presence in local, Arab, and international conferences and symposiums
Expand the permitted base of students who can be accepted in marketing major.
Develop and conduct specialized training courses that focuses on improving and enhancing employees operational skills and efficiency in local and Arab organizations

Marketing Department Goals

Keeping up with scientific developments in the marketing area to bring up to date study requirements in the marketing department.
Nurture and prepare scientifically specialized individuals to assume posts in various marketing fields.
Scientifically prepare students to peruse higher education in marketing.
Develop and activate innovative abilities and transferable skills in the various marketing areas.
Establish and enhance relations with local communities and Arab institutes.
Contribute with consultation and expertise to local and Arab communities' institutes.
Develop and expand scientific research within the department.
Prepare and run training courses with the purpose of developing marketing practices and skills of marketers in local and Arabic organizations.
Encourage and foster relations between the marketing department and counterpart departments within local, Arab and international universities.
Support graduates in finding working opportunities in both local and Arabic markets.
Combine between the theoretical and practical marketing teachings in a way that enable students obtain work opportunities and measure up to challenges in the work force market.
Means to Achieve Goals (Marketing Strategy)

Solicit highly qualified faculty members
Develop faculty members' proficiencies in ways that conform with knowledge and technical areas developments.
Provide the department with new and up to date textbooks and journals in marketing.
Employ technical and scientific tools in the teaching process.
Focus on the practical aspect throughout the teaching process by using techniques such as case studies, role-playing and others.
Stimulate faculty members to participate in conferences, symposiums both local and international as well as in publications and authorship.
Commit to openness with local communities and organizations as well as inviting leaders and specialized individuals to lecture their expertise at work to students.
Participating in scientific conferences and both local and international sessions to empower and enhance faculty members' knowledge and experience in teaching techniques through learning from others experiences.
Expand the use of computing and software applications in the teaching process.
Job Opportunities for Graduates:

This program provides graduate students with a wide variety of job opportunities in both public and private sectors:
Marketing Manager
Marketing Expert
Marketing Researcher
Sales Manager
Sales Supervisor
Sales Representative
Public Relation Officer