Dr. Hanadi1

Dr. Hanadi Al-zegaier

Head Of Management Information System Department


Applied Science University offers a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems (MIS). The program requires the completion of (132) credit hours. The MIS curriculum and study plan is designed to reflect recent innovations and advancements in the fields of Internet, Mobile and Information Technologies.
Most courses are practical in nature. They train students on working on computers and developing Information Systems. Internet related courses such as Website Design, E-business, Mobile Applications and E-Commerce have been introduced to provide students with hands on experience on latest technologies. Multimedia systems and techniques are used in teaching all MIS courses.

Department Aims and Objectives

Upon completion of the bachelor degree of science in MIS the students shall have:
1- Gained knowledge and understanding of a wide range of theories, principles, concepts and practices related to their degree programs and other related disciplines and shall apply them efficiently.
2- Acquired capabilities and skills to act successfully in an MIS related position.
3- Acquired computer systems development and management skills.
4- Gained the necessary knowledge, capabilities and skills to start and develop their career objectives or to pursue post graduate degrees.

Techniques toward Achieving the Departmental objectives

To achieve the MIS department goals, the following points were considered:
1- The department employs academic staff with excellent record in research and academia.
2- The Department encourages the academic staff to peruse, use and employ new technologies and update their knowledge.
3- Our staff uses different modern approaches in their lectures and seminars and presentations. Such as computer applications, data show, power points, the internet and any other Software package that help in disseminating their ideas.
4- The university provides necessary educational resources for both students and instructors such as MIS and books, refereed journals, CDs, qualified labs and the Internet.
6- Students are encouraged to participate in seminars and to visit any MIS related work place to improve their knowledge and to acquire practical information.
7- Department outlines are periodically revised and modified according to recent developments and research in the MIS field.
8- Experts from local companies are invited to an open discussion sessions at the university’s premises in order to convey their experience and knowledge to students.
9- Department members participate in both local & international conferences that enable them to update their knowledge and gain more experience and improve their capabilities.

Department Future Outlook

1- The department looks forward to use information technology in its teaching process and to develop its courses and to publish it through the internet for easy access to all students through Moodle eLearning platform.
2- To develop the students capabilities and to enhance their qualifications scientifically and practically for meeting the demand of local and regional markets; this can be done through the continuous improvement of the degree plans taking into consideration recent IT advancements.
3- Launch an MIS graduate studies programs (Masters Degree).
4- To tighten the relationship between the department and local community institutions in order to overcome the barriers that might face graduates.
5- Conduct and execute training programs to develop the skills of employees in the local and regional community.

Job Opportunity Available To Graduates

The MIS program qualifies students to work in several posts in the private and public sectors as follows:
1- MIS Manager
2- MIS Specialist
3- Information Systems Departments Staff Member
4- E-business Manager
5- E-Business Specialist
6- Web Site Manager
7- Web Site Master / Specialist
8- Systems Analyst
9- Database Analyst / Designer
10- IT Project Manager and Team Staff
11- ERP Specialist
12- eCRM Specialist
13- Systems Designer
14- Mobile Application Designer / Analyst