Dr. Tasneem Alfalah
Head Of Department

The Department of Business Administration started operation in October 1991, as part of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at ASU. It offers undergraduate study leading to the Bachelor Degree. The Program is planned and designed to contribute successfully to the achievement of the faculty's objectives and thereby achievement of the University's mission and objectives of providing graduates with high quality learning and education to meet social and economic development needs of Jordan and Arab world, as well as labor mark requirements.
The number of students enrolled in Business Administration Program in the first semester of the year 2013/2014 was (704) students. In addition, the Department of Business Administration offers management courses for almost (4142) students, majority of them are from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which includes seven more majors (Departments), beside the department of business administration. Currently there are (13) academic staff members in the department who they hold different academic ranks as full professor, associate professor, assistant professor and lecturer.


The Department of Business Administration shall work steadily to make its program the first choice for students wishing to get high quality undergraduate students in Business Administration in Jordan and the region. The Department shall steadily remain responsive to the needs of various stakeholders, providing a healthy learning environment that best enhances learning/ teaching effectively which in turn would contribute to graduates success in their future careers.


The mission of the department of business administration is to provide the Jordanian and Arab Society with qualified graduates equipped with the most modern and high levels of knowledge, capabilities, skills and trends in the field of Business Administration, that can best meet the requirements and challenges of the 21st century. This requires hiring an excellent selective cadre of instructors and to provide best and up-to-date sources and technology of education, along with providing suitable learning environment that can enable and encourage the learning process effectively and successfully.

Department Goals

Through its curriculum, the Department of Business Administration seeks to achieve the following major objectives:

- Provide the necessary knowledge that can help students succeed in the career
of Business Administration.

- Fulfill students' needs and expectations in their different stages of career paths
and to pursue their higher education.

- Provide students with knowledge, capabilities, skills that can enable them to
understand the complexities of business organizations and be able to manage
these organizations successfully and succeed in their business life.

- Work and cooperate with other departments and academic faculties in designing
and providing programs (Specialties) of multiple fields and sources.

- Provide learning resources and a supported environment to ensure the implementation
of the program smoothly and successfully.

- Meet the needs of Jordan society in particular and Arab society in general for qualified staff.

- Interact with local and Arab community and to provide training, consultation and research
studies which can contribute to human, economic and social development.

- Provide the opportunities for academic staff members to teach the courses that fulfill
and motivate their career and research interests.

Ways to achieve the objectives

1- Presenting the main principles and concepts related to main management functions:
planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

2- Introducing the current developments in business administration theories, principles,
concepts and practices.

3- Teaching the current fundamental theoretical basis of fields related to the practice
of management.

4- Providing the theoretical and practical basis of scientific research methods.

5- Presenting the theoretical and practical basis of IT/ computers related to management.

6- Use scientific approach and techniques to solve management and organization problems.

7- Utilize effectively quantitative methods and tools in decision making.

Job Opportunities Available To Graduates

This program prepares students to work in several posts in private and public sectors as follows:

1- Manager/ officer

2- Human Resources Management (Manpower planning, Recruitment, Development
and Training… etc).

3- Production Management.

4- Public relations Management (Mass Media, Communication…. etc).

5- Statistical Analysis.

6- Office Manager.

7- Organizational Behavior Research.

8- Materials Management (Procurement, Stores… etc).

9- Research and Development Department.

10- Operations Management (Planning, Scheduling, Control).

11- Total Quality Management.

12- Management and Organization Research.