The Faculty's Vision

To offer distinguished programs which keep pace with international standards and integrate with the culture of the Arab world, which ensures graduation of highly qualified students who can integrate with the labor market locally, regionally and internationally.


The Faculty’s Mission

The Faculty works for providing distinguished learning and teaching environment through continuous updating of academic programs, which keep pace with international standards, also, providing students with creative thinking skills. In addition, it adopts a policy to encourage applied research about issues of concern to local and regional society.


The Faculty’s Objectives

  1. Developing and updating of undergraduate and graduate programs to keep pace with international standards.
  2. Use of modern technology to facilitate the teaching and learning processes.
  3. To develop scientific and applied research and skills in various areas of specialization in accordance with the standards adopted locally, regionally and internationally.


To achieve these objectives

  1. Formation of a highly qualified academic team that demonstrate a high level of academic professionalism and high teaching and training skills.
  2. Outstanding preparation for academic programs at undergraduate and graduate level.
  3. Provide sophisticated and advanced educational environment and adopt modern teaching methods and high-tech.
  4. Enhance open minded approach and scientific research and applied in all relevant areas.
  5. Develop relationships with community and regional institutions through the provision of studies and consultancy and training.